Common Enforcement Ordinances


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Ord. #1374 Point of Sale Certificate of Inspection 

The owner of any building structure, commercial building, or land upon which such buildings are located, entering into an agreement to sell, give or otherwise convey an interest in such land or building structures, shall obtain from the Building Commissioner a certificate of inspection.  

Ord. #1375 Occupancy Permit Certificate of Inspection

No occupant, operator, lessor or owner of any dwelling structure, dwelling or dwelling unit shall convey, lease, rent or otherwise change the ownership or occupancy, and no person shall commence the occupancy of such dwelling structure, dwelling or dwelling unit unless and occupancy permit therefor has first been obtained from the Building Commissioner.  

Ord. #1376 Non-Owner Occupied Residential Property Registration (formerly rental registration) 

A non-owner occupied residential premises owner owning a non-owner occupied residential premises at the time of adoption shall have ninety (90) days to register the residential property annually.   

Ord. #1379 Home Daycare Registration 

All Type A and Type B Home Daycares located in the City shall be registered with the City by the Owner.   If the Home Daycare or its owner is leasing the property where the Home Daycare is located, a copy of the lease agreement including written consent from the property owner to operate the Home Daycare must be provided with the registration.  

Ord. #1133.03(b) U-1 Single Family District Accessory Uses (Home Occupations) 

Home occupations are permitted for professional and business offices where each person employed in such business or profession actually resides at the residence.  Such business or professional office shall not have any signage.  No residence may be used as a store, trade or business for the sale of storage of any merchandise or other property.   

Ord. #945 Height Limit on Weeds, Grass or Plants

It shall be unlawful for the owner, lessee, agent or tenant having charge of any lot or land to permit any weeds, grass, or plants, other than trees, bushes, flowers or other ornamental plants, to grow to a height exceeding six (6) inches.  Any such weeds, grass, or plants exceeding such height will be declared to be a nuisance.  The owner, lessee, agent or tenant will have three (3) days after written notice to remedy or the City will abate the nuisance.  

Ord. #917 Garbage and Rubbish Collection and Disposal 

1.    Trash, rubbish, garbage, refuse and recyclables may be placed for collection not sooner than 7:00pm the day before the scheduled collection and all empty receptacles, trash, rubbish, garbage, refuse or recyclable, and items not picked up must be removed from the tree lawn or curb on the same day.   

2.    The storage of trash, rubbish, garbage, refuse and recyclables must be stored in the following locations;

    In the rear of the house out of public view (being seen from any public street or sidewalk).  Corner houses with storage in the rear must        be screened behind landscaping, enclosure, or fence.   

    On the side of house, but must be screened behind landscaping, enclosure, or fence.  

    Inside of the garage.   

3.     All upholstered furniture, chairs, and mattresses must be placed in plastic for collection.  Plastic is available free of charge at our Service Department 19700 Miles Rd. (216) 587-6570.  

Ord. #521.14 Outdoor Barbecue Grills

No Person shall install, construct or use for the purpose for which such is designed, any hibachi, outdoor barbecue grill or any other grill, broiler or oven of the domestic variety commonly used for outdoor cooking or other similar utensil, at any place in the City other than upon the backyard ground floor level of a premises and then only if such utensil is located fifteen feet (15) feet or farther away from any dwelling, garage or other structure or part thereof.   

Ord. #1359 Parking and Storage

No person shall park, place, store or permit any trailer, manufactured home, recreational vehicle or similar conveyance to stand or remain upon any property in the City, including driveways and parking lots, except upon property which constitutes the bona fide permanent residence of the such trailer, manufactured home, recreational vehicle or similar conveyance and then only if it is kept in a garage or other similar and suitable structure upon the premises.                                  

Ord. #351.04(p) Restricted Districts for Parking Cars

Parking allowed upon any private property within this City, upon driveways, parking lots, in garages, or in an area improved for vehicular use.                                                                                                                                           

Ord. #505.21(b) Animal Waste Control 

No person being the owner or having charge of any dog, cat or other animal on any public or private property other than the property of the owner or person having charge of such animal shall fail to have in his possession a wood, plastic, or metal device or other container for the purpose of picking up and property disposing of any fecal matter left by his/her animal.   Failure or any such person to have in his possession such suitable device or container is prima-facie evidence of a violation of this section.   

Ord. #1133.03(d) Storage Sheds 

No storage shed shall be installed without first obtaining a Building Permit.  Storage Shed must be installed on a four (4) inch concrete pad.  No storage shed shall exceed one hundred (100) square feet in area without first obtaining the approval of the Planning Commission and City Council.   

Ord. #1133.13 Accessory Decks

No deck shall be installed without first obtaining a Building Permit.   No deck which exceeds one hundred (150) square feet in area shall receive a Building Permit without first obtaining site approval from the Planning Commission and City Council.  

Ord. #1355 Temporary Storage and Dumpster Units 

Temporary Outdoor Dumpster or Storage Units including Flexible Dumpsters, Construction Dumpsters, POD’s are permitted to be installed on the private property in the driveway or other paved surface with the issuance of a Building Permit.           

Ord. #1169 Fences

A permit is required prior to the erection of any fence.   Open ornamental fences and freestanding or retaining walls or hedges may be permitted on, or approximately on, a property line along a side or rear yard to a height not over six (6) feet above the natural grade, provided that no such fence, wall or hedge shall extend beyond the rear line of the main structure on the property enclosed.