Warrensville Heights Pavement Condition Rating

In 2016, the City of Warrensville Heights performed a city-wide assessment of the corporate-limit streets using a Pavement Condition Rating (PCR), for each road relative to each other.

The PCR system, developed by Ohio Department of Transportation in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration System, was used to rank the grade of each Warrensville Heights’ street. Each road started with a PCR score of 100 and was deducted points for cracking, potholes, failing joints, etc. The final score for each street was determined by the measured assessment.

Rating Scale

  • Very Poor: 0 to 40
  • Poor: 41 to 55
  • Fair to Poor: 56 to 65
  • Fair: 66 to 75
  • Good: 76 to 90
  • Very Good: 91 to 100

Reading the Scores

In a practical sense, a road that scores a 52 and a street that scores a 48 are really no different; they are both in poor condition and should be scheduled for upgrades. Likewise streets that score a 79 or a 90 are both in good condition and would not be considered for immediate upgrades.

Planning Tool

The PCR ranking system will provide the City with a long term planning tool that will be used in conjunction with other criteria for establishing a road rehabilitation program and future road program budgets. See how your street compares to other roadways in the City by viewing the following documents: